The power of cross-agency collaboration

February 27, 2024

At Pitch, we’re proud to partner and collaborate with leading Brisbane-based agencies in branding, design and digital marketing. Through the power of collaboration, we can deliver innovative and creative full-service solutions for our clients. 

At all times our focus is on providing the best advice, service and resources to our clients, which often means joining forces with other leading minds to offer a holistic approach that businesses often require. 

With the right teams in your corner, you can find the most cost-effective, impactful solutions to your marketing and communications needs.  

Partnering with Pitch for your content and communications needs allows you access to our network of preferred digital marketing, creative and branding, website and design partners – a network we have built with careful consideration over more than 12 years in business.  

What are the benefits of agency collaboration you might ask? Let’s explore what it can mean for your business.  


👤 Access a broad array of expertise: Gain access to a wealth of diverse expertise and expansive resources not traditionally available within one agency team. By joining forces across specialties, you’re combining the best of the best, all working together toward one common goal.  

🔎 Promote innovation and new opportunities: Collaboration sparks innovation and uncovers new opportunities to ensure you, our client, receives the perfect mix of products and services to achieve your objectives.  


Our approach to agency collaboration 

We thrive on exciting projects that open new doors for our clients. It’s not just about expanding our network; it’s about exploring innovative solutions that have the power to make a lasting impact. 

Our current partnerships, with Hydra Digital and Portfolio Services, have resulted in optimal business growth and marketing performance for clients spanning disability, property, not-for-profit and beyond. Delivering a seamless integration of social media and content, brand and design, digital marketing, video production and public relations services, together we optimise every stage of the customer journey. 


Real collaboration in action 

This collaborative approach led us to south east Queensland-based NDIS housing provider, Aspire Hub, for a partnership that would see their business go from strength to strength, growing to two states and establishing themselves as one of the most trusted providers in the industry. 

Starting with the redesign of the website for SEO and maximising engagement with different customer types on social media, we then launched a balanced approach across all marketing channels with an emphasis on digital marketing to dominate the local market and move interstate. As the business has grown, we have scaled the campaigns and support for the business across the online, offline and PR channels to continue the growth in line with the capacity of the team to deliver. 


The results 

  • Within two months of engagement, we quickly established a proven strategy with solid foundations for growth 
  • In the first 4 months, we increased website conversions by 3,000% 
  • Ongoing collaborative efforts have achieved 20% month-on-month growth 
  • Supported growth from four to 35 locations within 6 months 
  • Achieve earned media coverage through proactive PR, resulting in a full-page story printed in the 2023 National Disability Outlook Magazine 

Aspire Hub website and marketing brochure

Aspire Hub in print disability magazine

Want to collaborate?

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