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If you were to ask, we would say storytelling is our true passion.  

We believe in teamwork and collaboration. As a full-service communications agency, we combine our talents in public relations, social media and content production to develop a communications strategy that not only resonates with your audiences, but achieves real, measurable results.

Through our professional network of like-minded agencies, we’re proud to offer a full suite of digital marketing, SEO, branding and graphic design services. Keen to learn more? Get in touch.


With Pitch in your corner, you’re bound to make headlines for all the right reasons. 

Our superpower is knowing what makes news. With a team of ex-journalists who have been on the other side of the news desk, we’ve spent years filtering through pitches and press releases that don’t hit the mark. To get the earned media you deserve, you need a team of public relations specialists working tirelessly on communications strategy and brand-building activity that will get your story heard. 

Achieving earned media is so much more than a once-off press release. We work with you to develop an ongoing public relations strategy that gives your brand exposure, all-year round.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the media and communications industry, we’ve got the skills, contacts and expertise to get exposure for the stories you want to shout from the rooftops and to quash the ones you don’t.

We help you to lessen the effects of a crisis by making a plan before disaster strikes and guiding you through the process when unexpected challenges arise.

Essential for connecting with customers, storytelling is a must have for all businesses in this content-heavy world. Pitch's bespoke storytelling training equips your team with the knowledge and know-how to identify stories, big and small, within your business. Ask us about tailoring a workshop to suit your needs today!

Our strategic advice can turn the most reactive thinkers into proactive planners, meaning you’ll never run out of ways to tell your story.


Looking for social content that engages your audience? We’ve got you covered.

In 2022, your company’s social media channels are often the first touchpoint between you and your target audience. The average person now has an attention span of just 8.25 seconds, so what are you doing to ensure your customers aren’t scrolling past? 

Enter Pitch. Our end-to-end social media management service means we start at the beginning with a plan and strategy that is second-to-none, before handling the daily stuff you don’t have time for – content creation, campaign management, community engagement and 7-day moderation. With Pitch in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about a lacklustre social media presence that goes unnoticed.  

Not sure where to begin with your social media strategy? We take a deep dive into your audience, messaging, tone and overall look and feel to ensure your brand is posting with purpose.

From boosted posts to a wide range of targeted campaigns, place your social media advertising in the hands of a team that achieves real, measurable results.

Let our experts engage with your audience to build a two-way communication platform and boost your analytics.

Never worry about a customer query or angry remark going unattended when you engage Pitch to provide 7-day moderation on your social media accounts.


We’re content aficionados, ready to boldly take your content where nobody has gone before…

It takes more than a few one-liners to win over your audience. You need clear, concise copy that is SEO-friendly and relevant to your customers to drive real action. And with video-first algorithms on the rise, your content should be more than pictures and words – it should incorporate compelling videos that grab your audience’s attention.   

With a team of journalists and digital content specialists at your disposal, we know how to tell your story. 

We're experts in writing copy that is not only engaging, but consistently works for you by driving traffic to your website.

When it comes to blog writing, achieving the right balance between entertaining and educational can be tricky. Our team of communications specialists are on hand to create written content that not only entertains and educates, but attracts leads for your business.

Take the stress out of compiling lengthy reports or statements by leaning on a team that has extensive experience in writing corporate documents for some of Australia’s biggest brands. 

From highlight reels through to branding videos, piece-to-camera interviews, training videos, fly-throughs and more, our end-to-end video production services bring your story to life in an authentic and engaging way.

Just like an extension of your in-house team, you can lean on our content specialists for proofreading, strategic advice, and more.

No matter the purpose, tone, length or format, our team can deliver copy that is punchy, polished and effective.