How to make your business ✨shine✨ with branding

November 24, 2023

Does your brand accurately reflect your businesses unique value? What do customers see when they visit your website and social media channels? 

Branding is an effective way to create a long-lasting impression with your audience. Think about some of Australia’s most iconic brands, like Weet-Bix, and how they have crafted a recognisable look that consistently stands out. How have they done this? The answer is simple. Branding 

The good news is you can make your business shine too. And we’ll show you how.  

Consistently utilising a unique style of professional photos and videos when marketing your business is important in developing an image of your brand that builds credibility. ‘Behind the scenes’ content of your employees can also help to humanise your brand and create genuine connections with your customers. When you combine professional photography and videography with a sleek, easy-to-navigate website, engaging copy and regular updates, your customers know exactly who you are and what you have to offer – making their decision to buy from you a lot more likely.  

How can branding improve perceptions?   

First impressions are everything! Think about the last time you were searching for a product or service online. It’s easy to see how a website with little to no photos, low-quality logos and repetitive website copy can make you immediately feel distrusting of the brand.  

Showcasing your business with high-quality photos and videos creates an enjoyable experience for your customers. It also gives you a more professional and recognisable look, which is more important than ever before with to the rise of internet scams.  

Creating videos also allows your customers to get to know your business, employees and products or services on a more intimate level, which could give you a leg up over the competition.  

Check out this example of a branding video we created for Clair Langhorne of O’Neill Estate Agents. 


Why is your personal brand important?  

Think about all the ways you represent your business online. Every time you communicate with a customer, stakeholder or member of the public while at work, every email you send and every time you post on LinkedIn could be an opportunity to positively or negatively impact the organisation you work for. This is why, especially in a world where social media is king, it’s important to consider your teams’ personal image as a representation of your brand.  

Engaging a professional photographer will ensure that your team is appropriately represented on your website and in other communications material, but it also provides them with a suite of imagery to utilise for their own social media channels. It’s also important to have an employee social media policy in place so your team members have a clear understanding of what is suitable, and not suitable, when posting online.  


Advice from an expert

We sat down with Pitch’s go-to photographer, Georgia from Created By G, to find out her take on the importance of professional headshots for branding.  

She says that while our phone cameras may be better than ever, they still aren’t comparable to using a professional camera. She believes engaging a professional photographer, who has an eye for the best lighting, photo framing and ideal angles, to coordinate your team photos is an incredible tool to level up your branding.  

Taking your brand to the next level through professional imagery just like any part of business is an investment. It’s an investment in your client experience, your brand perception and your professionalism,” Georgia said.  

“Think about all the places you’ll be able to use your new and improved imagery. From social media accounts, email signatures, websites and flyers, you can share them everywhere.” 

Here are Georgia’s top tips for capturing compelling photos. 

⚡ Always consider your lighting— it’ll make or break the photo.  

🥳 Remember to have fun with it and let your personality shine! Your customers want to feel they’re buying from a business run by other people, not robots. 

👔 Make sure you choose an outfit you’re comfortable in and that aligns with the image you’re trying to create for your business. 

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 For larger groups or team photos, plan your outfits. To maximise continuity and cohesion, set a colour theme for everyone to dress to (it’s even a good opportunity to match this to your branding). Lastly, avoid larger patterns. 


A group of PR and comms professionals looking at a laptop smiling.

The Pitch team recently had our very own photoshoot and we thought we’d share a few of the decisions we made that helped us get the perfect shots! 

  • We engaged a professional photographer who we already trusted to help us maximise the output of the shoot, recommend the best angles and make us feel relaxed and comfortable  
  • We booked a studio with lots of windows for great, natural lighting and plenty of props to create unique ‘scenes’ and different photo variations  
  • We coordinated our outfits so they were all cohesive, professional and timeless.  

Our approach to brand management  

Whether you need to refresh your channels and website with new imagery or video, are looking for a complete brand overhaul or want to start a new business venture, engaging branding and communications professionals will ensure you’re supported along your journey. 

With in-house photographers, videographers, public relations experts, copywriters, social media managers and trusted third-party branding and design specialists, you can rely on the team at Pitch to have your back when it comes to building and maintaining your brand identity. 


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